"Our past shines on top of our present while our future welcomes it as a beacon of light for our vision"

Brief Company History

It all started as a family business in 1999 when BP Home LLC was founded by two brothers who started trading materials for real estate properties. Through the devotion to serve and make a difference they moved into real estate development. As the company grew it joined with other partners to strengthen its presence and expand the business as BP Home Investment and later also invested in online technology and off-site and modular construction. 

Our company has always pioneered new trends and has adopted new technologies, products, and processes, and after each project, it has continued to change and progress even more in order to consolidate resources and bring even more innovation into the market.

Over 20 years this company has created significant values for shareholders, partners, employees, and clients. Most importantly BP Home Investment constantly brought new innovative ideas that aspired people around it to shape the industry even further.

Timeline: 1999 - 2019

BP Home LLC is established and it starts operating and trading windows, doors, and other construction materials in a few cities of the country.


Start growing the business and portfolio of products by importing from the EU and China interior and exterior materials and facades for the Kosovo market and selling it to other bigger construction companies.


It expands the business by assembling some interior/exterior materials and building and selling individual houses. Now several big real estate companies and distributors of construction materials work with BP Home LLC.


For the first time in the market, it introduces standardized houses for a single community and builds the whole neighborhood with 150 houses with an average of 200m2 per house, where within 6 months the first 30 houses are built and sold.


With innovation in mind new market research, design, and architecture for houses and neighborhoods in conducted. As a result, it builds micro prototyping “Neighborhood HOME” with 5 houses to represent a new innovative housing model that sets the foundation for future projects.


Enters the markets for residential high-rise buildings with two projects “HOME 1” and “HOME 2” at the center of the capital city, and both projects bring to market materialization from top global brands and innovative materials


BP Home LLC joins forces with Solid Company as a leader in the energy sector to establish a BP Home Investment group. At this same period, they start the “Pear” project which is a mixed purpose building, and the “Apple” another high-rise building.


As the successful business continues with real estate projects the group decides to diversify into online technology and create a synergy of different projects, thus it establishes Fingermarket.com in the United States as a new innovative real estate as a service platform.


“Cherry Neighborhood” with 130 houses is built for the modern lifestyle, digital community, eco-architecture, and smart-house infrastructure. It starts, gets finished, and gets sold within 24 months. At this same period research toward offsite modular construction is set in motion.


The new “Big Cherry” neighborhood with additional premium houses starts execution as part of “Cherry Neighborhood”. Also, the InstaBuilt modular construction factory is built, with 20 million investments, 140.000 m2 land, and two production factories.


INSTA BUILT is a technology-driven off-site timber-framed construction company, a perfect example of using best-proven experiences in the context of pre-fab construction.


Big Cherry is our latest project as a digital community that is an extension of Cherry Neighborhood.


Cherry Village is a project that will construct 263 homes in the first phase until 2023, but the total project is 980 homes that are planned to be finished by 2025.


BP Home Investment