CHERRY Neighborhood



The Cherry Project is an ideal project starting from the security, the infrastructure in the neighborhood, the materials used, the functional plans of the houses up to the smallest details well thought out and in detail.

CHERRY Neighborhood

CHERRY Neighborhood has a unique architecture and construction if you consider it from all perspectives it incorporates:  lifestyle, community, security, long-term investment, eco-architecture, and smart-house infrastructure. Cherry Neighborhood for the first time, we have introduced the eco-friendly and smart home concept in its region.

We present Cherry Neighborhood in three types named:

- Cherry A a two-floor house with an area of 200 square meters,
- Cherry B also a two-floor house with a space of 202 square meters, and
- Cherry C gives you comfort in a two-floor house area of 249 square meters in total.

Cherry project lays down 27,000 square meters and has in total of 130 house units. The investment value for this project was 24 million euros and it started in 2016 and was finished in 2018.

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