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PEAR Shopping Center

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Pear project was constructed as a mixed purpose building. Two first floors were dedicated to shopping center totaling 4600 m2, which included 26 commercial units, and 745 m2 for interior children playground. Regarding residential construction, there were around 13,600 m2 which gave 99 apartments and last but not least 200 parking units that are utilized by residents and visitors.

These days, the aim is often to provide a high-standard living to individuals and families who need it, while still affording them the dignity of well-designed and distinctive architecture. An apartment is a place you live in. It’s an address, its walls, and its rooms. It’s a body. Combining in an all-in-one place gives the soul of the Pear building.

Pear Shopping Center

Exactly what you need. A place where you can relax, drink coffee and shop at some of the most famous fashion designers whose shops are located there. If you are looking for clothes for your special and important days, Pear Shopping Center is a must-visit place where you will find a variety of formal & evening dresses and suits. Be unique, browse the latest styles. If you happen to have children we are pretty sure they will have a pleasant time at our Pear Playland. Visit Pear Shopping Center to enjoy the finest shopping, dining, and entertainment. 

Pear Playland

Pear Playland is a unique place where your kids will be able to spend their time and socialize with other kids while being monitored by our professional mentors. But having a fun, dancing, painting, and meeting their favorite idols children will be able to experience a lot of educational and logical activities that will thrill minds. Celebrating your child’s birthday at Pear Playland creates a lifetime memory. Our professional photographer takes care to capture your child’s best moments.

The project PEAR started to build in 2013 and was finished in 2014.

Pear Shopping Center and Pear Playland make a great PEAR

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