Off-site construction


Trade and Construction

Human is at the center of our work. Best brands are known in real estate.

Off-site construction

We are set to create a positive impact in society by setting new trends in the industry through innovation, driving us to think and work towards robotics, AI, automated machinery, advanced technology, efficiency, and standardized product lines which will reduce costs and maintain quality for global demand.

From small to large projects, our goal is to increase the function of your home, making it a beautiful well-designed space, and to build communities worldwide so that human connection and interaction create a better quality of life for you.


Our beginnings started with trade due to the increased demand in the country for different materials, and to date, we have traded a large volume of real estate and construction products. Our materials come from the best brands that are known in real estate trading and construction such as KNAUF, Bouder, Tondach, Basf, Weber, Salamander, Grohe, Lesna, Sto, Prum, Dierre, Rehau, Schneider Electric, Vaillant, PoFix, FunderMax, Giter, Tece, etc. We have supplied major real estate and construction companies at the time, and then later moved into construction ourselves because we found a gap in the market that was not getting fulfilled by existing companies, and that was about focusing more on providing a better quality of living for our clients.


We shape and reflect our architecture by putting the human at the center of our work. Under our supervision and direct involvement, we have constructed and built over 100,000-meter squares. We manage, supervise, and execute the whole construction cycle from the initial stages of geo-mechanical tests, up to the final stages of analysis where we finalize with a turn-key solution. The quality of our construction services is well known by our partners and clients. Nowadays in the region, we are among the most trusted and respected brands in real estate and construction. Now we are leading the way by focusing on new eco-friendly, sustainable, and smart-home projects.

Pre-fabricated (PreFab)

The current vision of BP Home Investment is to grow internationally while at the same time keep innovating and creating more sustainable solutions. Therefore, currently, we are redirecting our resources into constructing pre-fabricated houses (pre-fab) with an emphasis on self-sustainability. The future of construction is getting shaped by new technologies and therefore we continue to move ahead by utilizing such techniques and technologies for pre-fabs and eco-green solutions. We believe this way we will strengthen our current position, differentiate and innovate while providing society with better alternative solutions for housing and sustainable living. 


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